For several days now, i have been thinking about the perfect introduction to do and i ended up with ‘‘Why not start with what exactly is Writing? ’’ What does it mean to you? Do you have any special bond or rather special attachment on writing? Writing is one of the Most Fascinating , Yet Most Difficult Aspect of Grammar .It usually involves the several development of ideas , how these ideas are put to words , and how these words are formed to make constructive meaningful sentences .Either , Creatively , Theoretically Or Practically .Writing is a very ambiguous term to people .Different people see writing in different perspectives . To some; writing is Meaningless, Others Meaningful ,And a few others , it is very personal . A lot of people tend to write for personal reasons .Someone might decide to write down his/her daily activities in a journal he/she considers as a reminder ,And another person might decide to write only on the most memorable part of his/her day , month , or year .( I fall under this category of people ) . Likewise another person out there, writes simply because he/she loves writing and finds it very easy to do. which is usually impressive

Writing involves stages, there are about 5 different stages of writing, we have the Pre-writing Stage where you find your ideas and build up the ideas e.t.c. Then ,The writing stage which are ideas that come straight from your heart, mind , thoughts and soul .In this stage ,you don’t have to worry about whether or not you are making sense , Or care about your grammar , You are just writing whatever that is coming up .Which is the most commonly applied stage of writing .And then there is the Re-writing stage ; which is the most frustrating stage , the process of editing, drafting and then back to editing not a very funny stage to be in ,And finally , The Reading stage , which of cause is the final stage it involves you criticizing your words and giving your words to other people to read and also criticize without been emotional or very sentiment as simple as that.

Writing to me depends on my mood which means, it is basically personal and intimate if that is the right word to use. Writing is an escape cave , as i see it where i could go and write down all of my bottled melancholy feelings on days i don’t see or feel the sunshine ,similarly write about days i can see the rainbow shinning very bright on me . I happily write what is on my mind, what my fragile heart is feeling, how my soul speak through ink and how i am able to achieve solace with those written words. When i write, i tend to be in my world , no worries , no pressures, no people involved it is just me and my pen and how i use the precious ink to form words coming straight from my heart. writing about my innermost desires and insecurities, Describing what i truly feel .Even though , there are times i run short of words ,Especially when it comes to emotions like loss, i cannot / don’t really know how to explain loss because of its severity , i personally believe you can only feel loss and writing about it can lessen its burden. I usually write mostly at night, i find it easier to form words in a silent atmosphere because it is usually normal for me ,words are bound to escape especially when i am writing about my feelings, so does feelings when i try to explain what i really feel. I mostly experience writer’s block. May be, because i usually prefer writing with a pen rather than going green ( i am so old school , i know but i am trying to be updated ) , Despite all these challenges and difficulties i experience, writing to me is still a scared place where i go and meditate on my feelings and also a reflection upon how those feelings has affected my mental state of mind . So What does writing means to you ? Why do you write ?Where to you write ? When do you write? Do you also experience writer’s block too like i do? I can’t wait to read your feedbacks. Thank you for reading my long boring introduction… See you on my next post !!